You want to work with the PSA-index. With this, you have a reliable tool to detect mental imbalance in employees and thus prevent psychological absenteeism due to stress, overexertion, and burn-out in a timely manner. It’s important to realize that in health research involving employees, the employee representation or works council has the right to give consent.


  • Within 24 hours of purchasing the license, PSA-index BV sends the invitation via email to the designated employee email address provided by the client. Upon registration, the employee can complete the questionnaire and immediately see the results upon completion. The employee has the option to download the results as a PDF file;
  • After 7 and 14 days, PSA-index BV sends a reminder email to your employee if the questionnaire has not yet been filled out and submitted.;
  • The participant with a red or orange result, if indicated in the questionnaire, receives another invitation to complete the questionnaire again after 3 and 6 months. This follow-up questionnaire includes the PSA-index and a short list of questions about actions taken.


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The customized version of the PSA-index questionnaire is suitable for organizations aiming to distribute a large number of questionnaires. Additionally, you have the option to add your own supplementary questions. You can also request partial reports for departments and/or locations, for instance. Fill out the registration form, and we will get in touch with you to discuss your specific requirements.


With the webshop variant of the PSA-index questionnaire, you enter your company details and the number of questionnaires you want to purchase. You check out and then manually enter the email addresses and names of the employees you want to invite.Your employees will be invited to complete the questionnaire within 24 hours. Be sure to notify in advance your employees and explain the content and purpose of the questionnaire.


I want to purchase more than 20 questionnaires

  • Provide employee data in a secure environment using an Excel or CSV file
  • Standardly, an anonymized comprehensive report, ensuring individual anonymity, will be provided
  • Requests for specific partial reports (e.g., by departments) are welcome
  • Additional questions can be included
  • In addition to the Dutch version, a customized assignment also includes an English version of the questionnaire


I want to immediately invite my employees to the questionnaire

  • Price per unit €18.95 excluding VAT.
  • I manually enter the data of my employees after placing the order
  • The questionnaire is only available in Dutch on the webshop
  • I have approval from my staff representation/ works council.
  • I do not need an anonymized total report
  • As the license is activated immediately after payment, this purchase agreement cannot be revoked


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How often do you repeat the PSA-index scan?

Given that it takes 6 months for an employee to transition from the orange phase to the red phase, we recommend applying the PSA-index scan every 6 months.

How many participants fill out the questionnaire?

We strive to offer the questionnaire in the most accessible way possible. It has proven crucial for the employer to effectively communicate the PSA-index scan within the organization. When employees are informed about the invitation, understand what the PSA-index entails and recognize its benefits, most are willing to participate. We can assist the employer in devising an action plan and providing visual materials. An alternative approach is to allow employees within your organization to voluntarily sign up, but note that this might raise the barrier to participation.

Our company has a high absenteeism rate, would a PSA-index scan be advisable?

Sometimes, after completing the PSA-index, an employee realizes their true situation and decides to reduce their workload to focus on recovery. It’s challenging to predict how many employees will make this choice beforehand. In companies with already high psychological absenteeism, it’s unclear if the visible absenteeism represents just the tip of the iceberg. To prevent disruptions in business processes, we advise companies with high absenteeism due to psychological causes to gradually implement the PSA-index scan. We are willing to assist you in considering whether or not to deploy the PSA-index scan.

Our company has a low absenteeism rate, is a PSA-index scan necessary?

The PSA-index scan also adds value if you want to keep absenteeism low. PSA-index BV is ready to support you in your considerations about whether or not to opt for the PSA index scan.

In which language is the PSA-index available?

The questionnaire can be filled out in Dutch in the webshop. If you choose customization there’s also an English questionnaire available .