About us

A family business with a mission!

PSA-index BV is a family business. Our collaboration is unique due to our diverse education, experiences, and personalities. Building on the talents of each individual, surrounded by external experts, we form a strong and cohesive team! Our team consists of:

Marianne Vodegel, CEO

Marianne is our bridge between the medical content and the business side. She has experience in both areas and is a team player, results-oriented, and super-efficient. In a short time, she, together with Jord Blekemolen, has established a solid foundation for the company, on which PSA-index BV can build. ­­

Jurriaan Blekemolen, director of medical affairs

Jurriaan is the mastermind behind the PSA-index. He has authored several scientific articles and developed the PSA-index. In the lead-up to the PSA-index, he persisted in completing his research alongside his regular work, demonstrating creative problem-solving skills. If we gather more data, Jurriaan will continue developing the algorithms in the coming years, enabling him to predict absenteeism even more accurately. Do you want to read more? Here you can find a selection of his articles.

Jord Blekemolen, COO

Jord is our connection to the younger generation and takes care of the business input. He is enthusiastic and places a high value on the quality of service. He has a fresh perspective and surprising ideas about the business approach of PSA-index BV. Customers will mostly have contact with him regarding quotation processes and services.