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Our mission is to prevent absenteeism due to stress, overstrain, and burnout by early detection of employees who are mentally imbalanced. The PSA index questionnaire has been developed for this purpose. This allows for action to be taken before the symptoms worsen, leading to prolonged absence.

Absenteeism, a significant societal issue

Absence due to stress, overstrain, and burn-out poses a problem for every organization. One in four young workers experiences symptoms of burn-out (CBS 2023), and the severity of these symptoms is increasing. Furthermore, the resulting absenteeism and associated costs for employers are on the rise.
In 2022, 7% of sick leaves were due to psychological issues (mostly overstrain and burn-out). Slightly more than 1 in 5 employees who were absent stated that their last absence was wholly or partially caused by work-related factors. Among these factors, high workload was most frequently cited as the cause of these issues (source: CBS). The costs associated with this absenteeism issue run into billions nationwide (source: TNO factsheet week of work stress 2020).

What does the PSA-index measure?

The PSA-index measures the various stages employees may go through on the path towards prolonged absenteeism due to psychologically stress-related issues.

How reliable is the PSA-index?

The PSA-index is a valid and reliable measurement tool that predicts the likelihood of prolonged absenteeism due to psychological stressrelated reasons. Its reliability is grounded in collected data and the scientific validation of the questionnaire. The PSA-index consistently and accurately measures what it intends to measure, namely, psychosocial job strain and the risk of stress-related absenteeism.
The reliability of the PSA-index has been assessed using multiple statistical methods.

The development of the PSA-index questionnaire

Jurriaan Blekemolen, developer of the PSA-index questionnaire and also a company doctor, embarked on a mission a decade ago when over 75% of the employees visiting his office were found to be absent due to psychosocial issues. His mission became focused on reducing the number of employees absent due to psychosocial problems. PSA-index BV has taken on this mission and made the questionnaire easily accessible.

The PSA-index is based on data from over 10,000 employees

The PSA-index is built on data from over 10,000 employees who, over the past decade, granted permission for the use of their information. Their data was extensively tested and used to enhance the questionnaire continually. By the end of 2023, the validation process was successfully completed—an important milestone!
In the upcoming years, Jurriaan Blekemolen aims to focus his scientific work on further developing algorithms that can even better predict imminent absenteeism. This endeavor requires the collection of data from many thousands more employees.

The collaboration with universities

Jurriaan Blekemolen began his journey at Erasmus University, collaborating with Prof. Dr. Arnold Bakker. Here, he delved into organizational factors such as workload and control possibilities related to absenteeism. Later, he joined AmsterdamUMC to collaborate with Prof. Dr. Judith Sluiter and Prof. Dr. Carel Hulshof, aiming to develop a questionnaire that delineates an individual’s position in the timeline from stress-related symptoms to prolonged absence. This enables earlier intervention in the illness process, limiting prolonged absenteeism. The ongoing multi-year collaboration with AmsterdamUMC continues with Prof. Dr. Frederieke Schaafsma.

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Jurriaan Blekemolen, director of medical affairs/ occupational health officer

Getting started with the PSA-index

The PSA-index questionnaire complies with ISO 27001 and NEN 7510-1 certification and can be obtained in two ways:

you can either order directly through the webshop or create your own customer portal, allowing space for specific requests from your organization.


I want to purchase more than 20 questionnaires.

  • Provide employee data in a secure environment using an Excel or CSV file
  • Standardly, an anonymized comprehensive report, ensuring individual anonymity, will be provided
  • Requests for specific partial reports (e.g., by departments) are welcome
  • Additional questions can be included
  • In addition to the Dutch version, a customized assignment also includes an English version of the questionnaire


I want to immediately invite my employees to the questionnaire.

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  • I do not need an anonymized total report
  • As the license is activated immediately after payment, this purchase agreement cannot be revoked